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“Business, business, business…

Numbers. Is this working?” I honestly can’t explain how much I have felt like Princess Unikitty this past month. Every time I made a sale at a show I had a little ‘YAYY!‘ moment haha! I have definitely also felt the ups and downs of being a business owner… Oh yeah I am officially an LLC! Huge thank you to my bro in law for helping me make sure everything was done properly! I have had a lot of fellow vendors tell me I would do better in Santa Fe so I did manage to get into a couple markets up there. I am still learning to find my voice in terms of what I enjoy making and what sells well. I do enjoy making my swirled mugs but I am also enjoying making my mugs that are based in fandoms like Studio Ghibli. All this to say that I’m grateful for everyone that has helped me on this pottery journey and for those who have inspired me and supported me at the markets.

Here’s the updated list of shows that I will be at:

August 5th: ABQ Collective (1321 Eubank Blvd.) 4pm-8pm

August 12th: Rufina Block Party (1273 Calle de Comerci, Santa Fe) 4pm-8pm

August 13th: Bubble Heart Soap Co. (9226 Menaul Blvd.) 10am-3pm

September 2nd: Santa Fe Woman’s Club (1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe) 10am-4pm

September 9th: Dark Honey Productions (201 Highland Park Circle) 7pm-12am

October 7th: Rayos Del Sol Mercado (6780 4th St.) 3:30pm-7:30pm

I am planning on applying for a couple of the high school craft fairs so I’m sure I’ll have more soon.

Thanks again everyone! I will try to post on my blog a little more often but I do keep up with my social media pages more.

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